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Safaa “Purii” Baydi The Moroccan Rising Star of Valorant

Safaa "Purii" Baydi, Discover more about the journey of this talented player in the competitive world of Valorant.

Fathallah Essalmi Fathallah Essalmi

Ilyass El Maliki becomes the First Moroccan Streamer to sign a Contract with Kick?

"Exclusive: Moroccan Streamer Ilyas El Malki Signs Mega Deal with Kick! You Won't Believe What's Next!"

Mr__Kenway Mr__Kenway

Superico, A Moroccan Streamer’s Journey: From Banned to Reborn

After a year of being banned, Walid, also known as Superico, relentlessly pursued Twitch support to lift the ban.

Mr__Kenway Mr__Kenway
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