“LIGUE 1 in a very particular initiative aimed at the international is launching in the ESPORTS, a meeting for all the lovers of FIFA 21 during the E-LIGUE 1”.


  2. Competition format: A trip to “France” for the winners.

  3. eLigue 1 Tour Morocco, organized in collaboration with Geek Maroc.


They are won in the league, the “eLigue 1” is an international competition on the game “FIFA 21”, 6 countries will participate this year in the “eLigue 1”, the winners will have a prize, a trip and the possibility to meet the greatest players of the “LIGUE 1” (Neymar,  Mbappé,  Di Maria, …).

Participation is open on the site of the “ELIGUE 1” the first qualifications at the regional level will begin at the end of February, the goal of this competition is to simply internationalize and give countries like Morocco more visibility on the world “ESPORTS” scene.

You will be able to follow all the news of this League on our site and our facebook and instagram page.


In January 2021, “Ligue 1 Uber Eats” launches its very first esports competition on the game “EA Sports FIFA21”. The “eLigue 1 Tour” competition is open to fans all over the world, and for all “FIFA21” players regardless of their level. The qualifiers for the “eLigue 1 Tour” will take place in 6 countries: USA, Brazil, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Qatar and Japan. From January to March 2021, qualifying rounds will be played in each country, with the same rules and game modes, on “PlayStation 4”. Players will compete to be crowned Champion of their country and win a place for the “Grand Final in France”.

Competition format: A trip to “France” for the winners.

The 6 finalists win a 3-day trip to “France” to represent their countries in the finals of the “eLigue 1 Tour”, which will take place on May 8th and 9th, 2021. Their matches will be broadcast with commentaries by local broadcasters in their respective countries.

Above all, they will have the chance to live an exceptional experience in “Ligue 1 Uber Eats”, participation, meetings with professional players, stadium tours, and much more! They will also get a wonderful taste of France through their road trip, discovering different French cities and local culture. These exceptional moments will be followed and shared on the social networks of their respective countries! 

eLigue 1 Tour Morocco, organized in collaboration with Geek Maroc.

With 6 years of experience in gaming, “GEEK Maroc” is the first Moroccan company specializing in “E-SPORT”, games and entertainment consulting. “GEEK Maroc” is also the first franchise selling virtual products (prepaid cards, subscription…).



‘Yassine Tirsi’, “Ceo of GEEK Maroc” gave us his vision for the competition:

“This event is an opportunity for ESports and Moroccan players to show their true level on an international scale, and to make known the potential of the video game market in Morocco it is an opportunity to highlight this industry, and involve all the players in this ecosystem which continues to grow every day. Hoping that this event will be a success for the whole community and Moroccan gamers”.

The competition will start in a few days, You certainly know the level of Moroccan players is certainly impressive, The community remains the most tight-knit of the African continent, All you have to do is support the participants whether at national or international level.